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District Profile Last Updated: Oct. 5, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

Ohio’s 2nd congressional district is an urban district located in Southern Ohio, along the Ohio River. It is comprised entirely of Cincinnati suburbs and includes all of Adams, Brown, Pike, Clermont,  and Highland county and parts of Hamilton, Scioto, and Ross county. Republicans have won in the district every year since 2000, usually obtaining between 55 and 75% of the vote, and the current representative Brad Wenstrup has had his seat since 2012. He is currently running to defend it again. Wenstrup was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1958 and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he studied Psychology, and Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, where he earned a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He has practice medicine for over 24 years in Cincinnati, and he joined the U.S. Army reserve in 1998 and is an Iraq War veteran. Wenstrup also ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor of Cincinnati in 2009. Wenstrup supports a balanced budget and relaxed regulations on industry while he is conservative on most social issues, including abortion and classroom sex education, where he advocates for abstinence only instruction. Wenstrup’s opponent Jill Schiller grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attended Ursinus College, and earned a Juris Doctor from Temple University. Schiller has worked as the Senior Vice President of Operations for Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated and as a consultant at her own company, Schiller Consulting Group. Schiller has founded a non-profit, Spells Writing Center, which works to help children better develop their writing skills.

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Oct 27 - 29    Change Research    431                 LV       Schiller - 39%, Wenstrup - 52%