The ORACLE of Blair is the work of our Political Statistics class and any mistakes or errors are ours and ours alone.  But we couldn't have done this with out a lot of support.  We would like to thank:

Our school administration who encourages and believes in pushing the envelope in what math education can be.  In particular we would like to thank our principal, Renay Johnson, and the Magnet Coordinator, Peter Ostrander.

We started our process by studying others who have tried this.  In particular we owe a debt of gratitude to Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight),  G. Elliot Morris (Crosstab) and Larry Sabato (Crystal Ball).  We rely on pollster grades and elasticity scores from

Blair alumni are an important part of our learning community.  Eshan Tewari '16 spent a lot of time helping us frame the problem.  Elliot Wolf '04 and Sofi Sinozich '13 also provided crucial advice.